Exhibits Significant Growth

Since its inception in 2007, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections has evolved from a single franchise into one of the fastest growing franchising companies in North America and beyond. Founded by real estate broker Bill Redfern, the company arose from the need for a professional, standardized home-inspection industry. Shortly thereafter, the first A Buyer’s Choice franchise was established in Nova Scotia.

Within two years, the company became one of the most prosperous in Canada. Boasting a significant yearly revenue increase and a rapid expansion in the number of franchises, A Buyer’s Choice was not fazed by the sudden collapse of the market in 2009. Poised to tackle the U.S. market, the corporate headquarters was moved to Pompano Beach, Florida, where it resides today.

The move to Florida was a strategic one: At the time, the rising number of foreclosures precipitated a need for home inspections. With the move, the company also opened a training center where franchisees could learn the ins and outs of the home-inspection business.

Presently, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections is an internationally recognized business, with over 190 franchises spread throughout Canada, the United States and six other countries.

The unique opportunity provided by the company has proven very attractive to investors, business owners and other individuals seeking to try their hand at managing a home-based operation. To get started, a purchaser pays a one-time franchising fee. Included with this fee is a multitude of marketing materials, intensive training courses, ongoing support and the security of working with a trusted industry name. Once established as a home inspector, franchise owners are then free to set their own hours and inspect as many homes per month as they desire. Part of A Buyer’s Choice’s business model is to reward those with ambition and it has made good on its mission.

The upside potential of the company has proven nothing short of tremendous. Success stories surface frequently, recounting the experience of individuals who turned a small initial investment into a six-figure-plus annual salary. For instance, the average franchise operator is projected to earn over $75,000 during the first year, with that number expected to potentially grow to over $300,000 in subsequent years. Many Master Franchise operators have used A Buyer’s Choice proven business model to generate a small fortune in income.

The success of individual franchise owners bodes well for A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, as it has seen its revenue escalate from $800,000 during its first year, to over $2 million in 2012. Additionally, part of this growth is due to the unity among the A Buyer’s Choice network of franchises. This serves as a contrast to most other home-inspection businesses, which tend to operate independently.

With the real estate market finally rebounding from a several year slump, the need for home inspections is projected to rise. It’s expected that 2013 will mark another year of substantial growth and prosperity for A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections.

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